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    • Manufactured

      Supporting customers to stay ahead with sustainable, efficient products that offer choice and flexibility.

    • Transport

      Supporting customers in finding the right balance between light weighting, vehicle performance and affordability.

    • Construction

      Collaborating with our customers to provide more sustainable products, systems and design solutions.

    • General Industry

      Offering customer a wide range of flat products for demanding applications

    Why Tata Steel?

    We serve many different and demanding markets worldwide. Our comprehensive portfolio of high quality strip products from hot-rolled to cold-finished, coated steels to construction steels and specialist steels for demanding applications.

    Our global transportation infrastructure is backed up by a wide network of processing, distribution and sales office locations throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

    Local access to a global company

    Our distribution and service centre network does far more than just supply steel.

    We offer all traditional steel products cut and finished to your exact size, length, shape and specification. Dedicated teams work with you to ensure the best possible product performance to meet your specific needs.

    Our international network of sales offices means our service is local, proactive, responsive and efficient. Our local teams are backed by the resources and expertise of a global market leader.


    Sales offices

    We have an extensive network of sales offices with the global reach and expertise to grow and support your business