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  • Renewable success

    • 60% reduction of energy costs in first year alone
    • 100% of clean energy generated by PV system can be re-used by A.V. Dawson
    • Tata Steel’s Confidex® Guarantee protects pre-finished steel beneath solar panels
    The Trisomet® panel offers excellent buildability and speed of installation. It also enabled us to optimise the insulation thickness to control the building’s internal climate.

    Fast track to success

    • Chassis redesign with no overall weight increase
    • 30% higher load can be carried on front and rear axles
    • JCB Landpower and GKN building a best-in-class vehicle
    The collaborative approach and clean sheet chassis structure design meant we could examine every detail and implement and refine new ideas to achieve our objectives.”

    Kuhn gyrotedders

    • Rejection rates reduced to almost zero
    • Manual re-working eliminated
    • Output yield and production efficiency boosted
    The Tata Steel team has helped us optimise our automated welding process, enhance the consistency and quality of our gyrotedders and strengthen our brand image to customers.

    Apache North Sea Forties Project

    • 5,400m of 14” steel line pipe delivered ahead of schedule
    • Solution featured external three-layer polypropylene coating
    • 20 year design life built into product
    The professionalism and dedication of the Tata Steel team ensured that this project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget and delivered to the exact specification.

    Trailer maker drives ahead

    • Ympress® S700MC steel ensures ultra-low unladen weight
    • Seven per cent fewer journeys plus reduced fuel consumption
    • An overall 6.1 per cent cost saving due to payload optimisation
    Our relationship is based on trust, together we can find solutions for every problem, be it in material procurement, transportation or support through design difficulties.

    Testing the water

    • Saving costs, increasing yield
    • Outperforming other steel suppliers
    • A superior steel for enamelling
    Tata Steel is the best supplier we’ve worked with and is now our partner of choice. We could not afford to pay less for the quality.

    Innovative thinking brings farming up to date

    Using Tata Steel materials enabled Lemken to differentiate itself, provide enhanced service to its customers and define a new solution that supports modern farming techniques.

    Steel yacht builder rules the waves

    • S235 is high strength, has excellent formability, and is easily weldable
    • Specialist product enables a high end-quality finish
    • S235 produced in various sheet sizes and gauges
    Partners like Tata Steel support us in moving closer to our objective: building dream yachts as unique as our customers. The only steel for us is Tata Steel. No other steel will do.

    Prosperity in the pipeline for Angola

    • Up to 40 pipes processed each day
    While the Malongo project was challenging in a number of aspects, all those involved pulled together and made the project a success.

    A bullet from a shooting star

    • Flexible and responsive delivery schedule
    • >500 unique, individually numbered elements
    • 15T of Advance® sections, angles and plate
    Quite simply, this project would not have been possible without your enthusiasm, generosity and support. Thank you so so much and I sincerely hope we will work together again very soon.

    Living in colour

    • 40-year Guarantee for a low maintenance façade
    • Colorcoat® pre-finished steel matched the building’s curved design
    • 2010 Color Award residential services winner
    Seden House is characterised by a well thought out use of colour, including orange, red, yellow and light brown hues, to provide a reassuring experience for our residents.

    On the right tracks

    • Developed together with acoustic experts at Southampton University
    • 175km of track fitted with SilentTrack worldwide
    • 3.0 - 4.0 dB(A) pass-by noise reduction on the Rhine Line
    SilentTrack is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to railway noise, which is being adopted by railways throughout the world complying with noise legislation.